Moonology Oracle


  • Welcome to the world of Tarot, The Moonology Oracle is a deck of 44 cards which is effectively divided into four suits. The first suit comprises of eight Moon Phase cards – New Moon, Waxing Crescent Moon, First Quarter Moon, Gibbous Moon, Full Moon, Disseminating Moon, Third Quarter Moon, and Balsamic Moon.
  • Card Size: 4.10 x 2.85 inch; Made of quality paper, durable for long time use. It’s a travel deck, portable, easy to carry and perfect in back pack or pocket when traveling. Also perfect for teen because it’s difficult for them to hold large cards.
  • Unique Gift for The Loved Ones or You: If you are looking for the ultimate gift for game lovers, then you will find our playing cards. Just scan the QR code on the box to get the user guide. It is very suitable as a Christmas or birthday gift, and suitable for those Tarot lovers.
  • Mysterious and Interesting: The phases of the moon and the position of the stars have a powerful effect on our everyday lives. The cards in the deck provide answers to the user’s questions about their life as well as offering teachings on moon phases and moon positions. The cards will be named after a moon phase (full moon, new moon, quarter moon, crescent moon, super moon), or moon positions in the starsigns or houses.

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