Peace Sign Himalayan CrystalLites Aromatherapy Salt Lamp


  • ORGANIC, AROMATIC AND BENEFICIAL : Himalayan CrystalLitez is the new generation salt lamp that can be used in 3 ways. As an AIR IONIZER, AIR PURIFIER and OIL DIFFUSER.
  • DOZENS OF WONDERFUL DESIGN OPTIONS: For everyone and every place. Truly handmade by artisans. You will see all unique patterns and art combined with the salt crystal glow. Plenty of design options will give you the flexibility and joy of choosing your favorite designs. Will meet all your gift needs for Christmas, birthdays, promotion and so on.
  • 100% AUTHENTIC AND HAND MINED SALT CRYSTALS: from The Salt Mines of Himalaya Mountains. Your Salt Rocks are Roughly 250 million Years Old, Meaning They Were Deposited Long Before The Earth Became Polluted With Heavy Metals, Pesticides and PCBs.
  • SAFE AND THERAPEUTIC: Amazing amber glow of salt lamp will reduce your stress level while giving a beautiful candle look, no matches needed at all.
  • GREAT COMPANY TO YOUR ESSENTIAL OILS: Compatible with all kind of essential and aroma oils. Just a few drops of your favorite essential oils on top of the salt rocks will complete your whole aromatherapy session.
  • QUICK BENEFITS OF SALT ROCKS: Air purifier, reduces allergens level in air. Decreases electromagnetic chaos, emits healthful negative ions, mood boosting and battles unpleasant odors. The therapeutic glow of salt rock hues infuse natural calm vibes into your environment, bringing a gradual sense of comfort and well-being. Easy to maintain and anti-microbial. Ultra Safe, never gets too hot.
  • EACH HIMALAYAN CRYSTALLITEZ PACKAGE includes:(Handcrafted glass bowl, 6 Ft UL listed dimmer cord with base, 2 of 15W light bulbs and 2.2 LBS salt rocks with spare ones) Size: 4.8″ width X 5.5″ height Size: 4.8″ width X 5.5″ height.

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